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International Collaboration

Our Unit has strong academic links to world-wide centers of excellence in minimal invasive urological treatment.

  • 1. Dept. of Urology, University of Leipzig

We have a scientific partnership with the Department of Urology of the University of Leipzig, where Dr. E. Liatsikos has been appointed as Visiting Professor. Many publications of have been co-authored by members of our departments.

  • 2. CROES (Clinical Research Office of the Endourological Society)

“The Clinical Research Office of the Endourological Society (CROES) is an official organ within the Endourological Society responsible for organizing, structuring and favouring a global network on endourological research. The Endourological Society is one of the major Societies with a strong global presence in the fields of endourology and emerging technologies. The Society supports especially the global diffusion of knowledge and skills in these fields. To further advance the field of endourology and emerging technologies, the implementation of high level basic and clinical scientific research within the Endourological Society is of great importance.”

  • 3. UROICE group

Uroice is an international research collaboration of eight urologists from seven different European countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Sweden). Our goal is to create a joint database of endourological procedures, and to use this knowledge to improve our technique and patient care.