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Our department is the only center in Greece which is listed at the fellowship programs recognized by the Endourological Society and 1 of the 6 centers in Europe.

In our department, we are dealing with the entire range of endourological procedures. Stone management is fully covered since we have a big case load of percutaneous, ureteroscopic and SWL procedures. In addition we perform the following laparoscopic procedures: cyst decortications, nephrectomies, pyeloplasties, ureteral reconstructions, adrenalectomies, and radical prostatectomies. We do not perform robotic surgery since we do not yet have a robot.

Our research is mainly based upon animal studies, and in vitro stone research. New ideas are welcome from fellows and the facilities are here to satisfy our needs. The fellowship is a 1-2 year engagement and consists of both research and clinical activities.

Please be aware that our department cannot provide a salary and that you should ensure your own funding.

If you would like to attend the fellowship program, you have to send your CV and inform us for your availability via e-mail to Prof. Liatsikos.

The cases and their requirements of the fellowship program are as follows:

  • Advanced Clinical Training Certificate: Endourology/Stone Surgery

60 retrograde ureteroscopic cases
30 percutaneous renal cases

  • Advanced Clinical Training Certificate: Laparoscopic/Robotic Surgery

100 laparoscopic/Robotic cases (minimum of 20 cases each in lower and upper urinary tract)

  • Two Year Combined Endourology Fellowship:

Fellows must actively participate in at least the following number of operations during the 2 year course of training: 60 retrograde ureteroscopic – uretero-renoscopic cases, 60 percutaneous renal cases, 100 laparoscopic or robotic assisted cases. Of the 100 robotic assisted or laparoscopic cases. At least 20 of these 100 robotic assisted or laparoscopic cases must be upper and 20 must lower urinary tract operations.

  • Two Year Endourology Fellowship in Lap/Robotics:

150 robotic cases, 30 in each category of upper and lower

  • Two Year Endourology Fellowship in Endourology/Stone Surgery:

120 Ureteroscopies